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Today’s market is flooded with brokers and agents

Premium listing media will help you stand above the crowd and get you noticed before your competition. In a marketplace that’s over-saturated with competition you need an edge that will make you stand out above the rest.

Premium Listing Media is your edge!

How does premium listing media help you stand out above the rest? Here’s how it works

Most agents have an average of five ways of being found online – they have their brokers page, Facebook, LinkedIn, their own website, and YouTube channel.




This is how the Internet sees you without Premium Listing Media

This is how the Internet sees you with Premium Listing Media

What Premium Listing Media does is utilize something you are already using to promote your properties – your photos! Each photo you use at Premium Listing Media makes you more visible to the world…the World Wide Web.

For instance, if you were to display 25 photographs of a property you’re selling with premium listing media the number of hits search engine’s will use to find you will jump from the before mentioned five to now 30!

The more properties you promote on premium listing media the greater number of website hits you acquire! The greater number of hits with your name on them, the more you saturate search engine results putting you above your competition.

Create your beautiful Showcase in 2 Easy Steps

Capture Media

Your camera, smart phone, or
professional photos

Upload Media

Simply drag and drop your photos to the Agent Information Form

PLM is the Affordable, Essential Marketing Platform that WILL get you noticed!

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