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custom websites for real estate agents


Strategy is the foundation of your success

and getting to know you is the most crucial part of that strategy.

We'll take the time with you to devise a unique plan to explode your presence online and make your business dominate over the competition.

"But, I already have a page on my broker's site, why would I want my own website?"

Do a Google search on:
"why real estate agents should have their own personal website",
and you'll get more reasons that you could swing an FSBO sign at!

Did You Know?


of Millenials search for their house online*


of all buyers found home on mobile device


increase in internet Real Estate Agent leads since 2016**


We’ve done the legwork for you and came up with the top hits…

Here are some of the reasons why real estate agents need their own website:

1. Who Are You Branding?
Who are you branding, you or XYZ Real Estate? When you have your own website, it is a custom website about you (not a corporate template that comes down when you leave for greener pastures) and one that is designed to bring value to your clients. Having your own custom website makes you stand out from the crowd, makes you look different than your co-workers and shows that you are a professional real estate agent who has a true expertise in the local market.

Now you can take your personal business website and your leads with you, wherever you may go. This is why it is better to own your own website instead of relying on your broker to build one for you or using someone else’s template.

Don’t brand the company, brand yourself!

2. Grow Your Personal Brand
You may argue that you do not need the added expense of a website since your broker or agency supplies you with one as part of employment, but nothing could be further from the truth.

What happens if you leave that brokerage? Your entire professional online existence will disappear as soon as your former broker removes you from their site.

What happens when you start at a new brokerage? You’ll be the new person on the block with little or nothing to show now matter how many years of experience you have.

3. Become the Local “Go To” Agent
Having your own website also gives you an awesome advantage when it comes to targeting your specific geographic areas.

4. You Need to Set Yourself Apart From the Competition
You don’t want to be lumped in with everyone else in the office on some generic corporate website, otherwise what are the odds of a prospect choosing you over another agent in your office?

“If you’re not receiving the same number of leads through the internet as you have referred to you, then some other broker is getting your leads – because your internet presence needs work.”


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